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Primanti Bros Sandwich

It’s an edible Pittsburgh institution. You can get it with salami. Or with turkey. Or roast beef. Or even with no meat at all. But it's not a Primanti Bros. signature sandwich without a generous serving of crunchy, tart coleslaw and crisp French Fries piled high on top of soft Italian bread. It all makes your hands look very, very small and your taste buds wonder why you’re taking so long between bites.

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Chicken Wings

They’re wings on their way up - big, tasty, breaded and fried to juicy perfection, just begging you to eat them. There are nine sauces that run the gamut from sweet to tart and from mild to 'ouch,' with stops in-between for the adventurous and the famished alike.

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People get pretty passionate about pizza. There are family recipes, and secret spices, and cultural institutions, and regional preference… and it can get exhausting. That's why we're making the best hand-tossed pizzas fresh from scratch every single day. Plenty of topping choices, real Italian spices – no one’s more passionate about the pie!

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We're not here to tell you what beer to drink. People have strong preferences. Conversations can rage about lagers vs. ales, if light beer is really beer at all, dark vs. light. But there is one thing we believe in at Primanti Bros., and that is this: that whether by pint or pitcher or bottle, cold beer - really cold beer - served alongside wings, pizza, and our signature sandwiches, is a point that everyone can agree on.

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Smallman St Fries

Smallman St Fries

Primanti Bros. has something of a reputation to protect with our fries. Our Smallman Street Fries pay homage to our original Smallman Street location and the ethos it helped foster (namely, "good food and lots of it.") We take our crisp French fries and load them up with our Almost Famous Chili, nacho cheese, bacon, jalapeños, and sour cream. It's messy. You won’t care.

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Cheeseburger and Fries

Is all that still not enough for you? The good news is that if we're cooking it, it's gonna be both a) gigantic and b) delicious. How about our grain-fed Big Cheeseburger, grilled 'til it sizzles and delivered to you with your choice of cheese and fries? Or our Really Big Salads, a selection of fresh greens with an assortment of proteins, veggies, cheese and dressings that'll please even the pickiest of carnivores? We've got chili so good it, too, is Almost Famous. And we just keep going! Hand-made giant onion rings. Nachos piled a mile high. Desserts so huge they'll make you gasp when they arrive at your table. Stop by, get comfy, and, for goodness’ sake, eat!

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